SOCINSER. Diseño y fabricación de implantes quirúrgicos y ortopédicos

Socinser. Custom Implants

Socinser. Implantes a Medida

The complexity of certain clinical cases or special characteristics make the optimal solution is only approachable from a personalized and unique embodiment of an implant that fits their specific needs.

SOCINSER is a company with over 10 years experience in developing new products and solutions to the market for COT.

The know-how of the company, with an outstanding technical background, dedication to service and to allow the market to meet the unmet demands, have enabled the development of a service of making implants as based on the software Neteous ®.

The challenge is to provide these solutions SOCINSER so that the surgeon or the equipment is the key part of the case study and subsequent implant design and validation, and the implementation of projects within time and cost satisfactory

Socinser. Implantes a Medida
Socinser. Implantes a Medida
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